Swimming classes for you child has many benefits

Swimming is an essential life skill that everyone must learn. It is a skill that is best learned early on in life. Making children learn to swim at an early age not only keeps them safe around water but there are several other benefits as well. It helps them in all aspects of development including physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Here are some of the key reasons why you should start swimming classes for your very young kids:

Water safety

The most important benefit of starting swimming classes early is that the child will learn about water safety. You won’t have to worry when they are around water. They will learn skills that will prevent them from drowning in the event of an accident. Moreover, starting swimming classes early helps avoid the fear of water. Most children do not have fear of water until age 2. This makes it easy and more comfortable for them to learn this crucial skill. On the other hand, if kids have never been in water by 2 years of age, they may begin to a show fear of water. This may make swimming lessons difficult.

Increased balance and strength

Swimming lessons are a great way to improve the child’s balance and build strength through regular and repetitive exercises in the water. In children under the age of 5, swimming classes can help better the development of gross motor skills. Children who swim are known to have better motor control compared to their peers.

Swimming classes provide a good cardio workout

Swimming makes the heart and lungs stronger and boosts cardiovascular development. By starting swimming lessons for your child early on, you set them on a path to a healthier life.

Improves cognitive functioning

When swimming, you have to move the arms while kicking with the legs. Movements like these, which involve both sides of the body help your child’s brain grow. Also, known as cross-patterning movements, these movements help build neurons, particularly in the corpus callosum. This helps improve modulation from one side of the brain to the other and facilitates communication and feedback. It can significantly improve a child’s spatial awareness, language development, reading skills, and academic learning. Research has shown that children who swim show better physical and mental development when compared to other kids. They are ahead of their peers in math skills, verbal skills, and literacy skills. 

Social interaction

Regardless of whether your child takes private or group swimming lessons, they have a lot of social interaction. Even when taking private lessons, they interact with the swimming coach and learn positive social interaction. They learn how to take instructions from someone other than their parent. In a group setting, they also learn how to interact with their peers. This helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Improves appetite and helps sleep better

Many parents complain their child doesn’t eat or sleep well. Most of it happens because of a lack of appropriate physical activity. By swimming and splashing in the water, the child would definitely expend a lot of energy and would feel hungry and sleepy. This positive change in appetite and sleep routine would help them lifelong.

One thing to avoid

Parents should avoid swimming lessons that encourage blowing bubbles, using flotation devices, and swimming with heads up.  Horizontal swimming and floating are safest.

Swimming helps parents and children bond better. What better way to indulge your child than to take them to the pool where they learn a new skill and spend time splashing in the water (who doesn’t love that!). So, now that you know all the benefits of starting swimming lessons early, contact us now to book a class for your child.

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